Uncontrolled Corruption 

Yes, I know you heard it so many times here and there. In fact corruption is become main problem for society, government and for common people . Corruption is red tapism, corruption is, in money laundering ,in highway projects, in railways, in medical, in educations which is in the form of illegal recruitment whether it’s state level or central level. Corruption is now become a major thing to tackle than just a word. It is evolved itself over the period of time with a new form. Where we find corruption in India? Every common man has to suffer just because his government can’t provide even basic need of potable water, electricity. This is corruption in water supply. Larger number of ill humans is across the state just because government is unable to provide sufficient health care facilities to all sections of society. This is corruption in medical. A common man can’t go out schooling due to his poor condition. This is corruption in education. He can’t buy dress or he can’t go 5km away from home to school.corruption led to poverty that Indian govt unable to tackle it over the last six decades. India has six lakh villages but are they all get basic amenities? The answer is nevertheless ‘no’. Villages of India are in miserable conditions. If road is available then no mode of transport to go to city from village or vice- versa. There are misery and misery at every corner of India. Indian is full of dystopia. No electricity, No water, No house, can imagine the way of living? And Indians  still bearing it. Every family has squabbles. Every government has own point of interest, which may or mayn’t be matched with all. Well, We urgently need right implementation of the right policy on right time. Who the hell is corrupt!
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Writings make you more aware

Do writing means how much you have aware of that topic, it’s not about your just only English ability but much more about your way of expression, thoughts, Knowledge of that particular essay that’s you going to put out(= publish in public). So this is the real point you have to more knowledge that just only learn English. Learning English is not big task for current generation, as we can all can see all Delhites, PAN India much aware of experienced English language. What’s your interest ares depends on your own imagination of thoughts, maybe some from your past experienced. Lets look at me, I m the one who interment in new topic eager to know new things but don’t want to revise anything again and again like rot or cramping, in fact most of people often same nature as me. However some peoples are best as they easily grasp In one time reading, but I m not, I need four-five times reading to grasp it good. They belongs to Intelligent class who has much power to retain their action for longer time. The more one retain it for long time, One will become more intelligent, wise, active in consciousness. Moreover, The very fact is that wisdom, knowledge can’t attain it in one day, you have to do long time struggle to achieve this.


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Moments ahead 

The life never stop, it’s continuous till your endless desire achieve its goal. Some lives their life in pain, in  dilapidated conditions, they has lack of house, money, education etc., some lives life luxuriously, no dearth of money, power, can snatch all kind of things that they want. How one born in poor family and how other one is wealthy family? Is there any answer to this? Some has good mobile phone can do internet all time some has mobile phone but no money to buy Internet plan. Some has expensive phone, some has no mobile, or mobile with limited features. 

India is 1.21b population, most of youngsters now has own private phone, but with different features in it, different brand of phone. Everyone in India( evenin world) has unique shape of face finger body eyes, very much Uniqneness.  ultimate difference of genes makes them differ from others. Life is unqunesses to one. One has unique life cycle and he or she do action throughout all life sometime he spends life in happiness, in pain, in sorrow, sometime with friend, with family, and sometime alone. Time is eternal. 

Everyone is made for some purpose in life, do good action to achieve your life in better way.

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Next life 

Time is 4:28am, of 18th July, 201, here in delhi pleasant whether and soothening breeze, cloudy sky, evening is most beautiful scenery of daytime of a perticular place, it’s all about the city’s healthness and purity, we are the part of this earth, we should preserve, care, and nurture it heartedly, by doing so earth this in return gives us pure and healthy environment to all creatures, you think I m joking, buts it’s true, the love of nature is the love of ultimate truth, it’s give you right path to succeed your life. 

The action you doing in your all life, they( Sun, Moon, Earth) are observer of your deeds since time immortal, whether it’s good deeds or evil, your all deeds accounted as a whole and then given you back by the Law of Nature to enjoy your actions, there are extents which are eternal soul( never die,it’s change its form), Time, God, are eternal and one more things I forget. So it’s means if you died in any place from disease, in accidents or maybe killed by someone or killed himself, then after death you gone to next place and your soul is always with you, you are not jack, Harry, or else that you watching in mirror yourself, let me ask question why you need to look at your face time and again, its means you don’t know your face or you forget your face, and you can’t remember your face at your child until you don’t have your photo, at your old age you don’t remember  your young age, humans are in this age of war, sex, quarrel etc born to do evil more than good, and at your death you don’t remember your past so after your death you forget your all past, born in the new from of body to live good, improve your powers,sense, intellengence and withholding memories capacity for longer time to live healthy. 

You can see some people around you are much fool and much more intellenget beautiful around you, so my question is can you overcome their beauty, can you over come in intelligence with them, in some extend you can improve to a good upper level but can’t reach to their powers, so how they got very good intelligence, beautiful body, it’s they did some good action to gain more beauty, power, intelligence in their past. So always do good action for your improvement. The next day of life will come,no one can stop this. The next life will come, no one stop till you won’t attain salvation. 

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 culture is, cleaniess, purity, paramount. The one who has no impurity of any form in lifestyle, the one who’s opinion and thought are correct, will be called as a cultured and (subhya). The meaning of culture is based on the fundamental thoughts and characters, On which to follow its priciples the life of human becomes prosper. 

The way the object are cleaned to bueatify it, in the same way the ones life become happy and prosper after the removal of all the impurity in. His illiteracy changes to (intellecgency). The one is find fame and dignity all over the world. His characters are deeply influence the other person. The right way of culture (produce) the peace in mind and neither negative thoughts comes nor the impure work happens. The right way of culture help to increase the numbers of elegant people. Slowly slowly Right-thought, sympathy, and right-work is develop all over the world. If his culture is not good, neither he is able to thought purely nor he can do right work. Today the criminality (that) we are seeing in our society, the main root cause of it is (unculture). The loss of our culture is owning to theses unculture. It is nessecity that each and every person should take a oath to follow it, to become cultured. This culture is make our life ideal,and( produce wisdom)and make you desirous to priciples.

Dynamic mind 

Let’s think Sth interesting, how we try to get in our mind that only particular things you liked, I liked, we liked, even if it’s say to someone few are trying to adopt in themselves that interest , the mind is unstoppable, undetermined power exhibit in it, how to maximise our brain capacity,(of course every one desire to get it ) but how ? They don’t know the exact method, some know, out of them few think or for them it’s hard to follow, out of them, the rest very few trying to do ..some follow for few days , it’s not a day task it’s task of hundred life’s , it’s task to bearable 🙂

I am here to help you on self-realization. find out yourself in true form, that's ultimate goal of every living beings.